Wandering Badass 4: The Pool of Souls

An exercise in creativity, team building, and friendship.

Begin at the start

Like anything significant it just happened. Like anything important it started years ago. It was a champion thought that didn't wash down like the others.


It just stuck around. It had more to teach. Years passed and whispers built to an unyielding call to action.


A call for the Wandering Badass!


So it began again!

The beast had grown many hands and many eyes since the last time it was summoned. Its many feet traveled over a thousand miles to prop it upright.

What is difficult?

The thing is we collected together for a purpose, not as professionals with an agenda.


Any money there was was sacrificed into the mouth of our endevour. A priceless respect for the spirit of creativity grew in abundance as the days of production would go on.



Its one thing to show up for work.


Its one thing to sweat at work. 


Its quite another to shave the top of your head after having to hike the equipment to location.


It seems to follow that the most challenging hurdles in life are the ones we volunteer for.


In The End

It will be impossible for the finished project to truly capture and preserve the magnitude of the experience. But it will serve, like the others before it, as a bookmark in the our shared chapter of awesomeness.

A reference point to a time when personal frontiers expanded their boundries, limitations were overcome, and teamwork and accomplishment filled my heart.

Thanks guys. -cdg